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Here at Dance Class, we believe in fostering community. That is why for our older students, we offer the Dance Class Apprentice Program. This program offers students a unique opportunity to become more involved with Dance Class both inside and outside the classroom. Most importantly, it offers us an opportunity to reward dedicated dancers for all of their hard work.

​Apprentice Program

  • Be 13-21 Years Old
  • Enroll in the Three Basic Styles (Ballet, Tap, and Jazz)
  • Have Danced at Dance Class for at Least Two Years
  • Be Invited to Apply



established 1984

As an Apprentice, you will receive exclusive opportunities to...

As an Apprentice, you will receive...

To become an Apprentice, you must...

  • Become a Classroom Assistant
  • Work Birthday Parties
  • Assist at Parent Night Out and Other Special Events
  • Foster your Little Sisters as a part of our Big Sister/Little Sister Program

*All Apprentices will be offered two classes. They may take one or both classes. Separate recital dances will be preformed for each class.

Class Times:

Wednesdays 8:55-9:25 PM

Saturdays 12:55-1:25 PM

Who Qualifies?

  • 1 Free Costume or Logo Merchandise Item of your choice
  • 2 Free Technique Classes per Week*
  • A Feature in the Dance Recital
  • A Certificate of Recognition
  • A Letter of Recommendation (upon request)